silverpoint drawing, first sitting

silverpoint drawing first sitting

Recently a metalpoint artist, Gordon Hanley, was featured at the Art Renewal website.  His goldpoint drawings got my attention.  Metalpoint is a medium using silver, gold, lead or any metal that can be rubbed off on a prepared support.  It was commonly employed during the Medieval period and faded nearly out of existence later during the 17th century when pencils became useful.  It was used by many artists including da Vinci and Botticelli amongst many others.  The luxury of charcoal pencils for drawing (which are erasable) make drawing much more forgiving that metal point which is not erasable.  I thought I would give metalpoint a careful try.  The snapshot above is a drawing from my first sitting using silverpoint.   

Girls on Dock

girls on dock
Two girls standing on dock with their backs to the viewer reflected on the blue water's surface.  Distant spit of land jutting into the scene from the left side of the canvas populated by trees.  Sailboats racing toward the horizon of the open ocean in the distance.  A seasonal piece done by oil on 24 x 36 inch canvas.  

dark clouds over lighthouse painting

dark clouds over lighthouse
Oil painting on canvas 16 x 20 inches.  Bare canvas left exposed above and below clouds.  Flake white and ivory black were the only colors used for this piece.  Giclee prints and posters are available here.

three palms

three palms
Somewhere between Los Angeles and San Diego, there's still an area that isn't overwhelmed with coastal buildings.  This painting captures the nature's layers from the blue skies to the layers of coastal mountains, then a layer of sandy beach, and finally the Pacific ocean at the bottom of the 24 x 20 inch canvas done in oils.  There are other works available at