Sunday, December 18, 2011



Toward the end of the Summer, a peahen strolled across the front porch.  A few days later, a peacock showed up.  [The male is called a peacock and the female is called a peahen.] They never left.  These magnificent birds come and go, sometimes spending the day roaming the yard or just sitting in the gazebo.  Some days they are not around at all.  There's a lot of symbolism associated with peacocks reviewed at this blog.  I did a couple paintings of the peacock.  I left the background unpainted leaving the Claessens linen exposed on the one above and painted the peacock with oil [canvas panel 20 x 16 inches].

Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Scene

A painting to match the approaching season. Under a Winter sky, a horse-drawn sledge returns home through the snow accompanied by a Golden Retriever. Distant leafless trees surround the home.  16 x 12 in oil on linen.